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Ryan Cameron

Ryan Cameron has been a serial innovator since 1997.

In 2000, Ryan led a team to create the first interactive versions of the beloved Little Golden Books for Disney Interactive, and then became CTO of an international US-based firm that delivered online education to Fortune 100 corporate employees.  For the next 10 years, Ryan was CTO for online educational companies before starting his own innovative online educational company. He has advised on international boards and organizations as well. Ryan has created online educational products that have won numerous awards and have helped hundreds of thousands of Fortune 500 employees learn important new skills in multi-year award-winning online programs. Joining Copernicus Studios in 2013, he led the interactive division, creating one of the first speech recognition engines tuned to children’s voices to empower early literacy. He founded Electric Puppets in 2016 and, in partnership with the IWK Children’s hospital pediatric vision sciences group, has created the first patent-pending Medical VR platform for research and assessment starting with Ophthalmology. Ryan is an avid rare book, art, and antique collector and lives on an acreage in Chester, Nova Scotia.

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