Establishing trust between Patients and XR Health Providers

XR represents an unprecedented potential for healthcare innovation, but we need to establish trust between patients and healthcare providers just like we did in making financial transactions a non-issue for people.

Our collective challenge is to clearly define the data, ensure people can feel a sense of ownership over it and put forth means to exchange that data so that it gets where it needs to go without any risk of patient harm or abuse. In short, establish TRUST between Patients and Providers just like we did with online financial transactions.

Because XR healthcare is in its infancy, we may have a window of opportunity to build something new from the ground up – together!

The XRSI privacy and safety framework is facing that challenge head-on and welcomes any and all stakeholder participation.

Define the data

We started out with Name, Address and Phone number. The data is so much more now. We can predict disease, human behavior, decisions, and tendencies. Data can let a provider know more about us that we know ourselves.


The data is critical for innovation in maintaining and improving healthcare, and may save or improve countless lives. It could also be a means of exploitation to unprecedented degrees. Without trust, these concerns will cost the ability to deliver life saving healthcare to millions.

Sharing Data

A system that encapsulates data and allows patients at least the same level of control over it that they have with their finances allows providers to establish trust and allow the data to move without any opportunity for exploitation. It is this security that’s enabled companies like Amazon to exist. Imagine what it could do for Healthcare.

Are we up for the challenge?

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