The Medical XR Privacy & Safety Framework is focused on data security, privacy, and trust.

What happens to your data?

Our Key Principles


Patient Safety First

The purpose of any XR based medical system must be promoting patient health while keeping them safe from harm.


Protect Patient Data

Patient data must be protected from exploitation by others. There must be no inherent, business, or systemic motive to exploit patient health data in a way that could harm or risk harming a patient.


Purposeful Patient Data Collection

Patient data belongs to the patient, and their health and safety are the primary purpose for its collection, except where they have fully consented to its use to promote general healthcare for all as in research.


Healthcare for All

All patients deserve access to care they need.

Today, XR has already enhanced or replaced many medical diagnoses, treatment, and therapy applications, and new ones are being researched all the time.

Combining many systems on one device can result in emergent unexpected consequences.

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