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Janet Johnson

Janet is a PhD Candidate and mixed-methods researcher at UC San Diego. She is associated with both the Design Lab and the Human-centered eXtended Intelligence lab where she conducts Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research with a focus on eXtended Reality (XR). She has also previously worked with Meta, PwC, Microsoft, and Juniper Networks.

Janet uses design as a way of thinking to understand complex socio-technical systems and inform the creation of interventions and frameworks. Her work covers both foundational HCI research for collaborative XR, as well as the design and evaluation of systems within healthcare settings. These include an XR-mediated remote guidance system for trauma care, user research for ethical practices in digital health, and a framework to introduce family-centered interventions in the ICU. Through her research, Janet aims to provide both theoretical and practical scaffolding for the creation of safe human-centered XR systems. More details on Janet’s work can be found here.

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