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Dr. Becky Inkster

Dr. Becky Inkster is a neuroscientist, passionate about everything from cells to phones, genes to jewellery, hip-hop to hippocampi. She researchs Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning mental healthcare, computational creativity, ethics and governance, cybersecurity, digital / clinical / music-based interventions, social media data, genomics, molecular biology, neuroimaging, epidemiology, psychiatry, psychology, acoustic therapy (e.g., ultra-audible watermarking), FinHealthTech [the convergence of finance, health, and technology], space health, dance biometrics, statistics, policy, public engagement and more to improve our understanding of mental health.

Dr. Inkster has experience developing and managing multi-million pound research initiatives. She loves engaging with youth culture, the arts and society.

Roles & Affiliations

  • University of Cambridge, Department of Psychiatry & Wolfson College
  • The Alan Turing Institute, Advisor & Visiting Researcher
  • The Lancet Digital Health, International Advisory Board Member
  • NIHR Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award, Co-Investigator
  • Co-Chair of the IEEE IC Program on Ethical Assurance of Data-Driven Technologies for Mental Healthcare
  • Co-Editor, Special Issue: “Virtual Reality in Paediatrics”, Frontiers
  • Co-Editor, Special Issue: “Cybersecurity in Digital Mental Health”, Frontiers
  • Wysa, AI Mental Healthcare, Advisor
  • Hip Hop Psych, Co-Founder
  • LYRICAL KOMBAT, Co-Founder
  • Spoke, Advisor
  • SOUNDLAB (Psychoacoustics & Forensic Acoustics), Co-Founder
  • FinHealthTech Consortium, Creator
  • TalkLife, Clinical Advisory Board Member
  • Centre for Mental Health Ghana, Africa, Board of Governors
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