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Bhanujeet Chaudhary

Bhanujeet Chaudhary (Bhanu) is a strategist with more than 7 years of experience and tremendous working knowledge of technology and operations. Bhanu is the Chief of Staff of XRSI and is passionate about creating a sustainable future using emerging technologies. Around the age of 20, while helping his father with environmental analytics and reporting, Bhanu realized the potential of technological solutions for the future of the planet Earth.

Ten years later, Bhanu finds himself utilizing innovative technologies to help build safety and inclusion in various domains intersecting with the immersive ecosystem. The mindset of creating a sustainable future is what drives Bhanu and helps him navigate the uncharted territories of emerging domains. Bhanu’s actual journey started a few years ago when he confronted the challenges of the climate crisis first-hand in India. Bhanu decided to move to Canada and position himself to create a global impact by utilizing emerging technologies to solve complex global challenges. The mistakes of human civilization and empathy towards fellow humans now guide him to make pragmatic decisions to help create sustainable XR and emerging ecosystems.

XRSI’s Chief of Staff, Bhanujeet Chaudhary, has a deep understanding of statistics, economics, psychology, machine learning, and organizational development. Fairly recently, Bhanu started using decentralized ledger technologies to create democratic decision-making apparatus for learning and development. Seeing the disparities between east and west first-hand, Bhanu aspires to learn and create inclusion and protection for all humankind. With all the resources and knowledge at his disposal, he continues his mission into the uncharted territories of XR technologies.

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